Available Works

Works currently available for purchase.

New Works

2016 and Beyond. More to come.

Night. Reflections. 2013-2016

I've been working in different directions lately in the hopes of honing in on a new aesthetic. Inspired by the night, the moon, photography, water and reflection.

Manifest Expression: Europe 2.0 (2011-2013)

Paintings inspired by an epic bicycle ride. 1589 km down the Danube River through Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary. Many more paintings to come...

Manifest Expression: New York City (2010-2011)

A new series inspired by my recent trip to New York. Stay tuned for more...

Night Landscapes (2012)

One of my favourite places....Some new landscapes inspired by walking the beach.

The Signal (2010-2011)

New landscapes from the wireless age.

Manifest Expression: Toronto and Area (2008-2010)

From Downtown to the GTA and beyond.

Manifest Expression: Central Europe (2006-2007, 2010)

Venice, Berlin, Prague and Amsterdam

Manifest Expression: Vancouver (2003-2009)

From the Granville Alleys to Vancouver Island and Victoria.

Manifest Expression: Montreal (2004-2005)

The Old City, The Underpasses and In Between.

Where You Find Yourself (2001...

Figurative paintings and portraits.

Landscapes (2004...

Traditional depictions of natural and fabricated surroundings

Hockey Fights (2004-2005, 2012)

Inspired by Canada's favourite pastime.

TV Paintings

Paintings inspired by the visual bliss of television.

Tequila Shot (2006)

Paintings inspired by La Machine a' Dire's production of "Tequila Shot" by Nicholas Vargas.

Self Portraits (2003...

An ongoing study of self portraiture.